Soft Skills

can come the hard way.

Project's purpose

Social-Bee is an organization that helps refugees to find employment.
To convince companies, we created a public application with a radical message:

Soft skills can come the hard way.

One who survives on a small boat with 85 people, is a team player.
One who walks for three months, is resilient.
One who is arrested and interrogated, is stress-resistant.

Watch the case study

The result


Thousands of billboards and infoscreens in 8 major cities created over 90 million impressions, donated by the outdoor media owner.


Newspapers and blogs, political parties, organisations and even the UN shared it.
Earned media value: 1.2 million Euros

"That's the way a start-up wants to get hobs for refugees" (Die Welt)

"Refugees need jobs." (Bild)

"Provocative campaign" (Suddeutsche Zeitung)

This start-up encourages companies to hire refugees." (Business Punk)


We used LinkedIn to directly address HR executives of the stock-listed companies.